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Web 08.15

Alle Welt spricht von Web 2.0. Keine Ahnung, was das ist? Ganz einfach:

DoubleClick —> Google AdSense > Ofoto —> Flickr > Akamai —> BitTorrent > —> Napster > Britannica Online —> Wikipedia > personal websites —> blogging > evite —> and EVDB > domain name speculation —> search engine optimization > page views —> cost per click > screen scraping —> web services > publishing —> participation > content management systems —> wikis > directories (taxonomy) —> tagging (“folksonomy”) > stickiness —> syndication [What Is Web 2.0]

Prinzipiell gehts es also darum, dass es nicht mehr um Inhalte oder Inhaltserstellung, sondern um das Miteinander rund um Inhalte geht. Siehe auch das hier.

I’m not sure but from what I’m seeing, there’s still a feeling of recklessness and let’s just say $2,000 a head for a conference to discuss buzzwords is probably a bad indicator for “not getting caught up in hype”. [2005 vs. 1999]

Was Web 2.0 eigentlich ist ;-)

Auf der Konferenz gabs tolle Dinge:

  • More than 50 thought leaders and entrepreneurs are slated to present in an interactive format stressing audience participation.
  • More than a dozen extraordinary thinkers and business leaders will present “High Order Bits” - ten minute stand-and-deliver presentations designed to provoke, delight, and amaze the audience.
  • Top executives from platform businesses will address the future of the Web in plenary sessions.
  • We’ll focus on innovative new web technologies in our expert led-workshops. [Why Attend]

Drei Tage Bullshitbingo. Webdesign ist doch ganz einfach ;-)

Eine Gegenveranstaltung gabs natürlich auch:

  1. You sign up on a sheet to do your presentation I hold and manage a timer (duh)
  2. You have 2.0 minutes to make a case for your 1.0 technology or squirrely business model
  3. Whenever you say “monetize,” “font face,” or any of a variety of secret 1998 words, everyone drinks
  4. Repeat until a) 20 minutes, b) we get bored, or c) every person in the room completes a first round of funding [Going to Web 1.0 this week?]

Achja, außerdem haben wir eben noch schnell E-Mail 2.0 erfunden. Das erinnert mich sehr an dieses Formular.

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