C-131/12 - International reactions, including Spain

Greg Sterling, Searchengineland:

There would appear to be numerous potential problems with practical implementation of the right to be forgotten. How much time must pass before lawful information becomes “outdated”? Will the rules be applied evenhandedly in separate jurisdictions in Europe? What about professional negligence or low-level public figures trying to control public perceptions; what information does the public have a right to know? #

Lisa Fleisher, Wall Street Journal:

An EU court ruling on Tuesday saying that Google must scrub search results because of personal-privacy concerns might perplex Americans, and yet seem perfectly logical to Europeans. #

Lily Hay Newman, Slate:

“How, ENISA asks, would government force the forgetting of a couple’s photograph when one person wants the photo forgotten and the other doesn’t? And how can data be tracked down and ‘forgotten’ when we don’t even know who has seen or stored it?” Stewart Baker wrote after the report’s release. #

Ignazio Fariza & Rosario E. Gomez, EL PAÍS:

The EU forces Google to remove links to harmful information. #

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