State of the Digital Nation 2016

In the future, only older, poorer people will experience advertising.

Quelle: State of the Digital Nation 2016

Als Ergänzung zur Diskussion über Agenturen, die Unternehmensberatungen sein wollen und umgekehrt zu lesen. Sehr gut auf den Punkt und strukturiert:

  • Chapter I: Industry Perspective: A look at the what, who, and why of consolidation, Digital Product explained, what lies behind advertising’s existential crisis, and the brewing clash of the titans between Ad Holding Groups and management consultancies.
  • Chapter II: Agency Perspective: The red hot agency market, the reality behind buying and selling, calling bullshit on the ‘end of consultancy’, the designer’s delusion, and the second coming of the independent studio.
  • Chapter III: New Perspective: Escaping the agency cycle, finding inspiration and perspectives in the startup studio model and in the venture and own product initiatives of progressive agencies.

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