Culture Change and Digital Transformation with Alex Osterwalder and Dave Gray

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Lieblingszitat Alexander Osterwalder:

We need a culture where evidence trumps opinion.

Und diese Story von Dave Gray:

(44:04) Yeah I have a story that I like to tell about a friend of mine named Mick Calder, he’s a turnaround guy, his company is called 333 group, and if you know anything about turnaround’s what his company does is they come in, and they take a company that like Alec said like a Nokia or a company that’s distressed and just about at the end of its rope. They come in, they buy it, sometimes practically for nothing just the existing debt of the company and they turn it around. And I was having a beer with Mick and I asked him, ‘Mick how is it that you can come in knowing nothing about a company, knowing nothing come in and buy it and turn it around and when the people who have been operating that company for 50 years, up to 50 years and all their experience they can’t do it. Why can you do it when they can’t?’
(45:03) And I’m getting to the answers to your question which is here was his answer he said, ‘We come in and we usually don’t have a lot of conversations with the management because we don’t need to. We have conversations with the employees, and we have conversations with the customers. And between talking to the employees and talking to the customers we find that pretty much everyone already knows what needs to happen’.

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