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Many-to-Many: HP Labs on “When can I expect an email response?”

Thema ist eine Studie von Sun und HP: When Can I Expect an Email Response? (Full Paper).

Als Follow-Up zu Kommentar zu Volker Weber: So right, and so wrong. Thematisch zwar etwas anders gelagert, inhaltlich (Benutzungsmuster) aber durchaus passend.

Zwei Abschnitte, die mir beim Überfliegen aufgefallen sind:

We initially expected individuals to exhibit different types of basal email rhythms (e.g. Alice is a “fast emailer” whereas Bob is “slow”). While those differences exist, we generally found more significant timing themes on a per-organization, per-relationship, and per-conversation basis. For example, our subjects typically responded more quickly to:

  • messages from people within their workgroup (per-organization)
  • messages from people with whom they have a history of quick communication (per-relationship)
  • messages in a continuing conversation thread (per-conversation)


We found that when writing to a new email correspondent, the sender will often have anxiety about whether and when the email will be read, and if and when a reply can be expected. People typically develop these expectations over the course of an email relationship, but when there is no such foundation, they do not know what to expect. Even if the recipient is a personal acquaintance, there is a degree of anxiety because he or she is not an email acquaintance.

Eigentlich nichts neues - wenn man sich selbst aufmerksam beobachtet, wird man wohl ähnliches feststellen - aber schön auf den Punkt gebracht. Wer sich näher damit beschäftigen will sollte das PDF ganz lesen, da steckt noch viel mehr drin.

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