YahooExtract, zum Zweiten

Nachdem mir Anfang des Monats das DMOZ-Verzeichnis verkaufen wollte, versuchen sie es jetzt mit einem Programm, der die URL’s aus einem beliebigen Listing des Yahoo-Verzeichnisses extrahieren können soll.

Would you like to extract all urls from Yahoo? Or maybe to extract urls
from a particular directory on Yahoo? I would like to offer you a
simple utility which enables you to do that.
The utility is extremely easy to use. It is launched from Windows
commander, in which you simply enter the name of the utility + the
URL of Yahoo’s directory which you want to crawl. For example, YahooExtract
And here you go! The utility immediately starts extracting all urls
from this particular directory and its subdirectories and saves the
results into the out.txt file (one url per line).

If you are interested in this easy-to-use utility for your business
or for any other reason, please write me to

Thank you!

Tom Orel

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