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Jon gesteht cite für die Angabe des Namens mißbraucht zu haben, weil er so per XPath nach dem Namen des Zitierten suchen kann.

I’m willing to switch to the correct usage of cite, and since my content is in an XML database I can fix it backwards as well as forwards. But here’s the thing: I still want to be able to search quotes by person, not by URI. And I’d like there to be a standard way for other people to write quotes that they, or I, can search by person.
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Good point. (X)HTML has no facility for this. A workaround, not breaching the syntax (but the semantic) of (X)HTML would be to use the title attribute instead of a made up one. Sure, nice is neither.

Dublin Core could help out, too. But I know off no way to incorporate DC into (X)HTML elements other than <head>. I believe, if there was a way, DC would be the best solution: it’s already there, tools can handle it and it is an open standard.

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