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Rojo - another string in the bow

Today I received an invitation — Google trendsetting again — to join [Rojo][].

Basically it’s yet another web based feed reader — this time aimed at social networks. Very much like Eurekster one can shares interesting items with ones contacts (Rojo: why not call it ‘friends’?).

Seems like I can send out invitations. So if your want one, leave me a message.

[Jeremy][] has some more information from [Web 2.0][web20]. Then there is the [Rojo Network][network] site that tries to explain what Rojo is and, last but not least, the [Rojo blog][blog].

PS: Selbst in der [Provinz][] spricht man schon von Rojo ;)



  1. Rojo auf deutsch: gregaire

    gregaire ist Open Source, benötigt PHP5 und optional (?!) eine MySql-Datenbank. Mal schaun, wie weit es beim Multimedia Tranfser Wettbewerb kommt ;)…

  2. Alexander sagt:


    I’d love to be invited to Rojo. If you can still spare an invite, that is.


  3. Sascha Carlin sagt:

    Alex, I would need your e-mail address ;)

  4. Alex sagt:

    Sorry, I thought you could see it (I thought I had entered it in the e-mail address field). It is www [-at-] mobileread [-dot-] com.

    Viele Dank!!


  5. Sascha Carlin sagt:

    OK, four invitations left.

  6. Edlef sagt:

    Hallo Sascha,

    falls Du noch eine uebrig hast: Ich wuerde es gern mal testen 8-)

    schoenen Gruss!

  7. Sascha Carlin sagt:

    Three and counting.

  8. ace paradise sagt:

    dear webmaster,

    hi! could you send me an invitation to rojo ? if you have one of course ?
    i really want to visit it for a long time.

    thanks !

    my email :

    thanks again !

  9. ace paradise sagt:

    dear webmaster,

    and i think i can invite you to wallop ! please post email to me .

    thanks !

    my email :

  10. comet halley sagt:

    Would you pls send one invitation?

  11. Sascha Carlin sagt:

    Sorry, no invitations left, comet ;(

  12. comet halley sagt:

    Thank you, anyway!

  13. Paul sagt:

    I know your last post said you have used up your 4 invites, but just in case they replenish them (like gmail does). I thought I’d ask. I’ve been seeing rojo showing up in my server logs and I’m curious about seeing the other side. macronin(-at-)

    Thanks (either way)

  14. windend sagt:

    could you please send me one invitation to rojo?


  15. Sascha Carlin sagt:

    I would love to, but unfortunatly all my invitations are gone.

  16. Paul sagt:

    Thanks anyway … Also I just went back and paid ROJO another visit and it looks like registration may be open to all. I see no mention of an invite, just the info needed to create an account.


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