SPDY, responsive performance. Fast is never fast enough.

In the good old days you got pretty far by combining CDN and compression to deliver your frontend code. Throw in sub-genres like cookie-less domains, minimization, caching and some DNS trickery, and you get the picture.

Early in 2013 I did a ramp-up talk at Razorfish in Berlin why this is important, what you can achieve and which tools help you do it. Back then there was no reason, in a Frontend performance 101, to go into lengths about SPDY or HTTP/2.0.

Things have changed. SPDY get adopted by some major players out there, exposing it to many smart people, some of them even writing about it.
Here is a piece by CloudFlare’s John Graham-Cumming, who sheds some light into the difference SPDY makes and why we need to rethink some of our current toolkit to get the best out of it. Thanks for sharing John.

Mark Zeman is a digital Creative Director by day and founder of SpeedCurve by night. When he writes about the performance of responsive websites, he does do some pitching for his product, but the article is worthwhile anyway, mostly because of the pointers to other interesting material. Have fun.

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