Back for good

So, after a bit more than 14 days and a bit more antibiotics than expected I am back from vacation.

Impressions in no particular order:

  • Spain has less internet cafes than expected.
  • Out of 10 British in Spain, 5 open pubs, either coined Irish or English but apart from that all the same.
  • Having a German doctor right next door is nice. This doctor doing home visits is even nicer.
  • If you are older than 65, you don’t pay a penny to get your groceries brought to your house.
  • Live must be very boring for teenagers living in an Urbanization.
  • Spanish Aldi (that would be Aldi Nord, wth?!) and Lidl not only have similiar products than their German counterparts. They have them even earlier.
  • Cigarettes are only half the price. Gas is some 20-30 percent cheaper, too.
  • Don’t speak Spanish, English or German? Try Russian.
  • Having breakfast in the morning sun sitting beneath a palm treoe is marvelous.
  • Using a polarization filter needs to be carried out very carefully.
  • Travelling to Spain during main seasons must be a real PITA.
  • If you ever come to fly with a 737-800 Passenger, book rows 14 or 15.
  • Coughing in an airplane will draw attention from all passengers if done constantly.
  • Coming home is nice.
  • Seeing 600+ e-mails coming isn’t.
  • ACDSee Pro is cool.
  • The S5600 is, too.

Over the next days, I will post some pictures.

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