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Kicking the shit out of the old guys

Jason Fried schreibt sich die Seele aus dem Leib.

Mint was a key leader of the next generation of game changers. And now it’s property of Intuit — the poster-child for the last generation. What a loss. Is that the best the next generation can do? Become part of the old generation? How about kicking the shit out of the old guys? What ever happened to that?

Und zieht das Fazit:

But today it seems like the old is doing the plowing. Let’s stop that. Let’s build great companies that are here to fight, here to win, and here to stay until the next generation after us comes along and kicks all our asses. And again and again and again. That’s how better happens.

Dabei vergisst er, dass es umgekehrt eben zum Geschäft der Großen gehört, die Kleinen zu kaufen.

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