Dipsie, ein Bot fürs Deep Web?

Gary führt ein Interview mit Dipsies CEO Jason Weiner: ResourceShelf

Q. How will Dipsie be different than what web search companies are making available
today? Database size? Search functionality? Clustering? What makes you
confident that you can play with the current industry giants?

A. Dipsie is different in several important ways. First, we search the 99%
of the web that other engines cannot reach (as well as the 1% they can.) It’s
the difference between “static” content and “dynamic” content, which is
increasingly prevalent across the Web. We can index pages that utilize cookies,
database back-ends, forms and client-side scripting, among others. Our scalable
technology will allow us to have over 10 billion pages within our first year
alone. […] The dipsie.bot was created to leverage integrated machine learning
with on-board heuristics to crawl sites from a stereotypical user’s experience.
It’s able to get past traditional technology barriers such as cookies, complex
querystrings, forms and client-side scripting that drive modern user

Das erklärte Ziel ist also das Deep Web, wie man auch am Firmennamen erkennen kann.

2004 verspricht ein spannendes Jahr zu werden :-)

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