phpBB Group öffnet Teile der Entwicklung an phpBB 3.0 aka Olympus

Die phpBB Group öffnet einzelne Projekte für phpBB 3.0 aka Olympus für die Community. Für insgesamt acht Features von Olympus sucht die phpBB Group Unterstützung durch erfahrene PHP-Programmierer.

Im Einzelnen geht es um folgende Themen:

* Unified/centralised event system - A trigger based system whereby admin definable “events” are fired upon specific conditions.
* Syndication system - One of the most popular requests for phpBB is a method to syndicate information.
* Canned moderator responses - In phpBB3 there exists an ability to save draft messages. This allows you to save a message for later completion.
* Authentication system - At present phpBB3 uses a simple but reasonably capable authentication system (the source used to verify your username/password, not permissions which is entirely different). However it’s not good enough.
* Karma - This is a bane for us Very Happy Firstly what is Karma? Well karma for this implementation is a method of rewarding helpful members of the community.
* Backup/restore with modular file transfer system - The current backup system deployed in phpBB3 is a step beyond what phpBB2 offered.
* WYSIWYG editor - We are often asked for this funtionality but we’ve shied away. There are several issues with a WYSIWYG editor the two greatest of which are; wide cross-browser support (not just the top two but all the majors) and parsing of the submitted post text.
* Security and performance test suite - Although we do code with performance and security in mind (no matter what some may say!) it would be nice to have a suite of scripts which could test phpBB3 in an automated manner.

Die genauen Projektbeschreibungen, der Ablauf und alle weiteren Details entnehmt Ihr bitte [Pauls Posting auf][1].

Die phpBB Group hofft, auf diesem Weg schneller mit Olympus voranzukommen und vor allem die Energie der Community besser zu nutzen und sie enger an der Entwicklung von phpBB zu beteiligen.

[[via][2] ;)]


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